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In the name of God, the creator of beauty Every piece of stone that has fallen on the side of the road or on a mountain slope can be a page from the book of nature and the narrator of the creator of the universe. Some of these stones are precious stones. Due to their difficulty and rarity, they are very valuable. Some are semi-precious stones that are valued for their beauty and are available in the price range from cheap to expensive depending on their purity and quality. Others are not necessarily gemstones. But with their cutting, their hidden beauty can be compared even with precious stones. This collection is made with the help of expert gemologists and expert designers and makers Preparation of original cut or uncut or rough natural stones to try to produce all kinds of ornaments such as; Men’s and women’s silver rings with jewels, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, with the engraving of blessed verses on agate or different quality gems, honor customers. We are eager to receive your comments to improve the quality of products.

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By using trained and experienced forces, we are trying to know the sources of production and distribution of raw materials of the jewelry industry and to investigate and identify the needs of this industry in the domestic and international markets. We are sincerely waiting for your suggestions in these areas.

Seyyed Ahmad Reza Hashemi

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